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Low self esteem is fun...

My hair usually makes me wanna cry. Straightening it is such a pain in the ass. I'd like to wear it curly, and I've tried, but it just looks so funny on me (and not in the good way). My skin is very light and overall I'm just very "ethnically ambiguous" with my "asian" eyes, so afro-curly hair just makes me look like a confused mix of things. I'm not cute enough to wear my hair the way I want to. My hair in general is just so frustrating and makes me feel like crying (like right now...it makes me feel absolutely terrible about myself). I often want to chop it all off, but I know I look awful with that short of hair  and I don't feel like being called ugly by my family (and probably my coworkers). But at least it would be easy to manage...Actually, I like the way it looks really short, but I know no one else does...

I know, I know. Too bad, so sad. Get over it.

Tomorrow is the super bowl which means it's going to be incredibly busy at work. Probably the busiest day of the year. We spent all of tonight preparing for it.  So yeah...that'll be fun. But not really.



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Feb. 5th, 2012 07:43 pm (UTC)
I hate my hair too. It is not long enough to do anything cool/fashionable with it (like braids or all those awesome hairstyles that I see curly haired people with) and it is not short enough just to let it fly, and then if I do people are all, "Hey, cool afro!" I don't want to have an afro! So I try to put it up and then people say I look like a kid. LOVELY.
I hate my curly hair.

And ditto with the straightening thing--it takes me two hours!
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